Friday, September 3, 2021

Loan, its advantages, disadvantages and differences

Obtaining a mortgage/loan is a significant obligation for the borrower that necessitates complete attention and timely repayment of both the principal and interest. Keep in mind that the amount that must be repaid is determined by a number of variables.

What is email Marketing?

Email marketing is the modern internet life

Email marketing is the most beneficial marketing in the 21 century.

DMA (2019) reported that the most profitable marketing is email marketing, which generates a mean profit of 42 dollars with an investment of 1 Us dollar. 

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Email marketing is when you broadcast a corporate email response to your 'signups,' or those who have joined up for your email list and given you explicit permission to send them emails.
Email marketing is often used to keep your customers informed, increase sales, and create a community about your business (e.g. with a newsletter).
Professional email marketing has shifted away from mass mailings that are one-size-fits-all in favor of permission, specialization, and personalization.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Insurance in China for farmers

Agriculture is one of the most successful investments since it provides significant profits in a short period of time. Farmers are risking millions of dollars in animal and agricultural investments in order to make a profit. Farmers even get agricultural insurance to protect their assets just to be safe. There are several firms that provide these services to farmers.
Agricultural insurance entails paying premiums to the insurance company. The insurance firm that provides these services comes to your farm and inspects the crops, animals, and infrastructure.
The farmer receives a quote when the evaluation is completed, on which he must pay the premium. Purchasing agriculture insurance is a vital aspect of an investment because it protects farmers from future misfortunes.

Why agriculture insurance is important for farmers

To protect their crops and livestock from setbacks, farmers need to take insurance policies. 
 The first key advantage of this type of insurance is that it helps to combat poverty. A natural calamity might strike at any time. Farmers who have made significant investments in agriculture have their investments ruined when these events occur. As a result, they are poor. If the farmer had purchased insurance, the firms would reimburse him. Farmers will be able to reinvest the money in farming and other agricultural enterprises, making them wealthy once more.

Basic details of farmers Insurance in China

Wheat insurance premium 20 yuan/mu, insurance amount 500 yuan per mu, farmers pay from 4 yuan/mus; The corn insurance premium is 20 yuan/mu, the insurance amount is 450 yuan per mu, farmers pay 4 yuan per acre; Peanut insurance premium 24 yuan/mu, insurance amount 600 yuan/acre, farmers pay 4.8 yuan/acres; Apple insurance premium 200 yuan/mu, insurance amount 4000 yuan/acre, farmers pay 80 yuan/mus; Peach insurance premium of 150 yuan/mu, insurance amount of 3000 yuan/mus, farmers pay 75 yuan from / mu.. 

Handling of insurance liability and compensation

1. wheat, corn, peanuts
Insurance Liability: During the period of insurance, any loss of insured wheat, corn, or peanut is directly caused by any of the following causes, and the rate of loss reaches the agreed proportion. The PICC Property and Casualty Insurance Company of the county shall, according to the stipulations of the insurance contract, be liable for compensation: 
1) the loss rate of 20% or more directly caused by a rainstorm, flood (excluding flood storage by the government), wind disaster, hail disaster, low-temperature freeze injury, head injury, etc.; 
(2) The loss rate of drought, epidemic or explosive diseases, insect pests, weeds, and rodents in a village unit reaches 30% or more; 
(3) Earthquake, mud-rock flow, landslide, and fire accident according to the actual area.
Compensation processing:
(1) wheat insurance by the county PICC property insurance company with the insurance amount, According to the insurance amount and loss rate of wheat growth stage, the highest compensation standard per mu is: overwintering period - before heading, insurance amount per mu%; The insurance amount per mu is 0% from heading to maturity.
(2) The compensation for corn insurance shall be calculated by the Property and Casualty Insurance Company of the People's Insurance of China (PICC) of the county in combination with the insurance amount, according to the insured amount and the loss rate of corn during the growing stage. The highest compensation standard for corn per mu shall be as follows:% of insurance amount per mu during the seedling stage; From small bell mouth to big bell mouth, insurance amount per mu%; From grouting to maturity, the insurance amount per mu is 0%.
 (3) Peanut insurance shall be insured by the People's Insurance Company of County in combination with the insured amount, According to peanut growth stage insurance amount and loss rate calculation compensation, the highest compensation standard per mu is: from seedling stage to flowering under the needle, insurance amount per mu%; Pod period, insurance amount per mu%; Maturity, insurance amount per mu 0.